Day 1 - April 28th 2008

Getting there and Exploring

After clothes shopping with Marti (got a red dress for the wedding!), Neil watching Ferrari get a 1 + 2 at the Spanish GP and the boys being in Hartvicovice with babi and deda, we packed out bags and started on our merry way, direction Bilovec (Kaja first and them lemon). Ad BBQ at Kajas with beautiful meat (Neil proclaimed it to be the best chicken he has ever tasted) and then stayed at the same place as Vlasta Redl!!! (in the lemon). Apparently he got home after his concert at 3:30am waking the landlords to open up. Bloody Celebrities. **Removed due to censorship laws** and a good night sleep. Also said hi to Jirka at Kajas – very tall boy.

Monday 28th April 2008

After out wonderful Lemon breakfast at 7:30 (and Kaja stopping by to bid us farewell) it was a fairly easy trip until we hit the toll gates. Even though the sign said Euros, she had some other dude change our euros to zlotys at a horrendous rate. The next toll booth wouldn’t accept coins so luckily we had a 20 Euro note, which then supplied us with about 57 zlotys in return. Welcome to Poland. Continuing along “If we cross the river, we have gone to far”. Seconds later “Oh look, there goes the river.” Followed by a quick adjustment in the manual GPS and that was our only drama before finding a parking station in front of our ‘guest room’ Rang up the proprietor, who said the room would be ready in 20 minutes. So we went and got some money from a wall and not long after then phone rang. It was our bank confirming the transaction. Wow, Big Brother, but in a good way.

Then into our lovely little room (that was so cold Zuz put the heater on) then off to explore the lovely town of Krakow. We went to the main town square and walked around, through the cloth hall filled with jewellery shops (selling lovely amber pieces), souvenir shops with overpriced T-Shirts (although they were nice) and artists stalls. Next we cruised down Grodska St to the Wawel Hill and looked around the castle and the cathedral (we decided to go there on a whim). It was very formal, orderly and structured following a pre-designed path. We climbed the bell tower and touched the Sigismund Bell, came back down and did a bit more of the church. Including the silver coffin of St Stanislav (very nice coffin and quite an interesting story too) Also saw the royal tombs and the grave of the famous Polish poet Adam Michewicz and then out we went.

After Wawel Hill we decided to see the happy dragon and when we got there we found a big bronze statue of a dragon, which to our amazement started breathing fire while we were there. Now that’s cool. Then back up to the square to find some dinner and settled on a pizza restaurant. Sicylia – it was pretty good. Big meals for not much money. Got to be happy with that. Zuz ate all hers and part of Neil’s. Then back to our very warm room for a well-earned nights sleep.

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