Day 3 - April 30th 2008

More of the City

We slept in a little and decided to wait for the parking dude to pay for a days worth of parking. Went down to check at 8, then 9, then 9:30 and after 10am we decided that it was enough and we went on our way to town anyway. Then we stumbled into the lady at the bakery getting her morning tea before starting her shift. She must have only had 1-hour tickets as she killed 2 trees in the process of writing the tickets for the duration of the day. (8 in all, all spread out on the dash. Look pretty funny.)

We decided to do the Royal route, staring at St Florians church, where Pope John Paul ][ was a vicar between 1949-1951, looked at the Grunwald monument on a square, then on to the barbakan which was pretty big but as it had 3m thick walls there was probably only room for 5 soldiers inside.

Then back through the Florian Gate and looked at all the artworks shown on the city walls then walked down through johns street to the square to see the alter at St Mary’s. Refused to pay the $5 for photos, even though we had to pay the cover charge of 6.50. The church was pretty impressive though with lots of gold and an awesome (imitation of a starry night) ceiling. Next we ended up buying a phone card from a pencil (in between 2 polish pretzels that were unlawfully delicious) and rang mum. We found an Irish pub, so in we went for lunch and forked out for a 13zt Guinness and 2 of the nicest hamburgers I have ever tasted – SARCASM! Smaller than a junir burger, microwave jobbies. But at least the guinni was nice and they put on U2 over the sound system when we got in. Then we needed some ice cream to wash down the burgers and when we found some, it was sold by weight.

Then back down through the main square onto the street that led to Wawell then onto Dominican square we saw 2 churches (one was the holy trinity and the other one was St Francis. That one was pretty cool die to the stained glass windows. As I was finished, we decided to walk back to the flat. Stopped for some souvenirs and went for a rest. We wrote our diary and slept for a couple of hours. Woke for not long and decided to sleep until the morning with no dinner as we knew we had a big day ahead (the salt mines in Wielicka)

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